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Classic Disney Week | Day 4 - Favorite Classic Villain

Captain Hook (Peter Pan)

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You wanna kiss the girl

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Alright, let me get this straight: a man in a kabuki mask attacked you with an army of miniature flying robots?

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caddies said: idk what we're doing but jason/nico? (this is totally not an excuse to get you to talk about jason/nico what are you talking about)






I honestly never expected to like jasico as much as I do now. Nico has never been a favourite of mine (I pretty much disliked him until Heroes of Olympus tbh), and then with Jason I only really started liking him around HoH, where I think his character came though the most (I’m sorry, but Lost Hero!Jason may as well be cardboard).

Taking Rick’s writing into account, I think it is very possible for Jason to be bi. I’m not discounting Jiper (even though I don’t ship it), but Jason seems like the kind of guy who would quietly come to the realization that hey i’m attracted to guys too and then be totally cool and at peace with it, unlike Nico who obviously has had struggles with his sexuality throughout the series that we didn’t necessarily get to see.

I do think that Jason is ‘the one’ for Nico, and vice-versa. Nico still has to learn that his sexuality is okay, and who better to help him with that than Jason? Nico needs someone who will support him undoubtedly, with a light heart, confidence, and protective streak like Jason. Jason needs someone he can indubitably fall in love with, without all the ??? that his relationship with Piper has.

We know Nico’s fatal flaw as a child of Hades is holding grudges and if u don’t think Jason would stop that shit in it’s tracks then think again. Also, ~height difference!!!

In short, 

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Oh this is the night, it’s a beautiful night
And we call it bella notte
Look at the skies, they have stars in their eyes
On this lovely bella notte

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fazhou said: pocajohntas (john smith tho)

@ tumblr user fazhou i’m so sure you already know this answer 

poca/john is my #1 fave always but there is nothing higher than ultimate a+ so that’s what I’ll give them.

pocahontas, who straight up said to him "rlly? you think I’M the savage", and then sang one of disney’s best songs to put him in place.

john smith, who took one look at this woman and fell hard, who basically sports a boner for her throughout the whole movie LBR HERE.

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Classic Disney Week | Day 4: Favourite Classic Villain

→ Cruella De Vil

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classic disney week; day 6 - favorite classic song

the bare necessities - the jungle book (1967)

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